It's Time to Wash Your Washer Line

It's Time to Wash Your Washer Line

Schedule washer line cleaning service in Casper & Douglas, WY

It's hard to clean your clothes if your washing machine doesn't drain. Don't get stuck with wet, dirty clothes-get in touch with the pros at Central Wyoming Drain Service today. Homeowners in Casper, WY and the surrounding area rely on us for washer line cleaning services. You should, too. Your washer will work like new once we're done.

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3 reasons you should hire a professional washer line cleaning contractor

If a clogged drain is wreaking havoc on your laundry schedule, you can depend on Central Wyoming Drain Service to help. There is no drain too dirty for us to clean. Expect us to:

1. Turn off your water, disconnect your hose and take additional precautions to avoid getting water on your walls and floor
2. Use specialized tools and powerful cleaners to get rid of the gunk clogging the drain
3. Reconnect the hose, turn on your water and test your washer to make sure it runs and drains as it should

Did you know that the washer line in most homes is connected to the kitchen sink? If not properly cleaned, it can cause issues in your kitchen, as well.

To schedule washer line cleaning in Casper, WY, contact Central Wyoming Drain Service today.